Sedgwick County is tucked away in the farthest Northeast corner of Centennial's region. Bordered on the north and east by the Nebraska border, Sedgwick County and the city of Julesburg offer easy access to both I -76 and I -80 and continues to be an busy intersection for travelers. Rich with history, Julesburg was once the crossing site of the South Platte River for the Bozeman, Oregon and Mormon Trails. Established in 1859 as a trading post by Jules Beni, a French trader, Julesburg was an important stop due to its strategic location at a junction of the Upper California Crossing and on the south banks of the South Platte River. The trail forked at this point, one went north and followed the North Platte Valley on through South Pass and on to California and Oregon. The southern trail followed the South Platte River to the burgeoning settlement of Denver. Julesburg also served as the eastern terminus for The Pony Express division that extended westward to the Sweetwater River in Wyoming.

Results of the 2000 census show Sedgwick County with a total population of 2,747 with 1,487 of these individuals residing in Julesburg. The economy is primarily based on farming, ranching and agricultural industry. Available recreational activities include water sports at Jumbo Reservoir as well as hunting, fishing or wildlife viewing along the South Platte River, a visit to the local Depot Museum or a walking tour of the many historical buildings in town. Other towns in Sedgwick County include Ovid and Sedgwick. It is also interesting to note Sedgwick County has been bestowed the nickname "Gateway to Colorado".

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